Newton Abbot Travel Club


'The Spirit of Water'

Tuesday 13th May 2025

The Spirit of Water Flower Festival takes place at Salisbury Cathedral

Tuesday 13th/Sunday 18th May.

We are going on the first day Tuesday so the flowers should be fresh and its also Salisbury market day. 


Salisbury Cathedral’s 2025 Flower Festival will bring stunning floral arrangements made of more than thirty thousand blooms to adorn the Cathedral’s interior.
The festival, titled The Spirit of Water, is a companion piece to the Cathedral’s               summer art exhibition, Living Water. Just as the art show explores the  power                 of water, its ability to hold memories and shape the identity of a place, as well as our need to live in balance with this life sustaining force, the Flower Festival takes its inspiration from water in all its different forms – rain, water, ice and more.


Coach only  £28.00

Coach +advanced timed flower show ticket for 14.15  £43.00

Non-refundable deposit  £15.00

Balance due by 1st April 2025 


Coach departs Forde Park 08.00 followed by pickups, Railway Station (park side) B&Q Kingsteignton Road, Next Greenhill Way, Warecross & Exeter Services.


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