Newton Abbot Travel Club



Sunday 8th September 2024

After a very successful visits in 2023 when we struck our new King Charles coin, we are planning to visit again this time to strike the new RNLI  Anniversary 50p. The Mint are producing this commemorative

 coin to celebrate the RNLI 200th Anniversary. 

Since 1824 The RNLI has saved more than 144,00 lives.

Striking the 50p RNLI coin is only available for a limited time. 


Besides striking your own coin the trip includes a guided tour of the Royal Mint.


Join the tour to learn about the fascinating coin making process from preparing blank metal discs to striking your very own coin.

We should be taking a 'Behind the Glass' tour unless things change,

whereby we go onto the factory floor if the machines aren't operating. 


Later you can explore 6 different exhibition areas at your own pace. These areas are home to some of the most important historical artefacts in the 1,100-year history of The Royal Mint. Some coins and items here are amongst the rarest in the world, get up close and personal to a 1,100 year-old Alfred the Great penny which represents the start of The Royal Mint’s long history and admire the gold sovereign which has become one of the most famous coins in the world.  As the world’s largest exporting mint, they make coins for dozens of nations each year. Explore the display of coins from 80 different countries. Guests can lift a 400oz Gold Bar worth around £400,000! A once in a lifetime opportunity and the only place in Wales where this can be done.

There should also be an exhibition on the RNLI. 


At the end of your visit, you take away your own struck coin + a chance to visit the shop if you want to purchase other coins/items they have on sale.



Departure from Forde Park 09.00 (tbc) followed by

pick ups Railway Station (park side) B&Q, Next  Greenhill Way,

Warecross Kingsteignton & Exeter Services


Cost £45.00  includes coach travel, 

guided tour & strike your own coin



£25 non refundable deposit with booking (unless the trip is cancelled)

Balance due by 8th August 2024